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Everyone, Meet Andrew

The Ah-Ha Marketing team is so excited to introduce Andrew Colletti, one of our interns working in the exciting and interesting world of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Andrew joined our team this summer (June 2019) as a digital marketing intern at our Bay Area office based in San Francisco. During the school year, he attends Santa Clara University in Northern California where he studies Economics; however, Andrew is originally from Marin, California so he is very happy to be back in the Bay this summer working hands-on with our digital marketing development team.

Andrew’s involvement and interest in marketing were spurred from the intersection of his education, passions and future goals. For Andrew, digital marketing allows him to explore the combination of psychology and economics, mixed with the creativity of art and graphic design. Andrew’s hopes to broaden his knowledge on several subjects and his true passion is for learning and conceptualizing a wide range of skills and ideas so that he may become as well-rounded as possible.

One of Andrew’s favorite aspects about interning at Ah-Ha Marketing is that this job specifically allows him to work and learn remotely, which is perfect since Andrew will be studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain this upcoming Fall.

Andrew’s dream is to open a restaurant with his friends in the Santa Clara area. He wants his business to be a place where people and friends can get together, enjoy each other’s company, relax, and feel at home—all while under his hospitality. Andrew is excited to use his marketing, financing, and website design skills to help facilitate some of his other interests, such as marketing for his restaurant & bar business.

We are excited to see how Andrew combines his love for entrepreneurship, economics, graphic design, and cuisine all into one. We are so thrilled to be part of his journey to success.

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