About Ah-Ha

Ridiculously Good Marketing
None of the Fluff

Ah-Ha is a boutique marketing firm. We help small, aggressive companies and large organizations exceed their marketing goals. We cut through chaos and deliver positive outcomes. We are known for being a calm, steady hand in the midst of organizational transformation. Our customers rely on us for compelling, audience-focused marketing campaigns that excite and inspire customers to engage. We accelerate revenue and profit by streamlining the complex sales and delivering powerful channel enablement programs.
From foundational best practices, choosing the right marketing technologies, developing a strategy and executing on tactics, Ah-Ha is the trusted marketing partner that delivers high-impact, low cost results that accelerate your business.


Transform your business with the right mix of strategy and execution for measurable results.


Compelling marketing campaigns that inspire customers and partners to engage.


Customer-centric approaches weld unbreakable bonds between you and your customers.

Our Philosophy

We have an energy that pushes us to think harder and move faster. We break things and take them apart, so we can understand how they work. We aren’t afraid to stop the room and ask “why”. We have each other’s backs. We win together and fail together. We don’t like complacency. We don’t seek out “yes” (men or women). We are movers, shakers and doers.

We Are Scientists

We hypothesize, test, prove and iterate. Data drives our decisions, and we love to try out new experiments.

We take action.

Ideas don’t matter unless they become action. We do action better than anyone.

We are Change-makers

We push the boundaries and challenge the status quo. We embrace and drive change because change drives growth.

We Are Unstoppable

There are no barriers, only excuses. Good people and good ideas change everything.

Meet Our Team

Our seasoned team brings decades of practical experience. From non-profits to the Fortune 500, through recessions and booming economies, we’ve marketed in all climates. We have learned that excess makes you wasteful, but scarcity teaches you to be smart with your resources. We squeeze a dollar out of every marketing dime. Throw us your toughest challenge and we’ll bring you the most effective way to solve it.

Heather Antoinetti

Founder & CEO

Heather Antoinetti is the Founder and CEO of Ah-Ha Marketing. She is an innovative leader with an extensive background in brand strategy and marketing, including demand generation, product, channel development and event management in the technology sector.

Prior to Ah-Ha, Heather spent nine years at NTT Com Security where she was responsible for building the company’s marketing capabilities from the ground up for the Americas and Asia Pacific.

Heather is passionate about delivering high-quality, outcome-driven marketing programs and enabling channels to successfully sell complex solutions. Early in her career, Heather worked as Director of Fund Development for a non-profit community outreach organization that provides less fortunate citizens with food, energy assistance and other critical needs.

Heather is an avid runner, enjoys cooking and loves global travel.

Madison Yeack

Head of People and Operations

Madison Yeack is responsible for overseeing companywide operations, curating relationships with clients, keeping projects productive and ensuring client success. Madison also heads Ah-Ha Marketing's social impact program Ah-Ha IMPACT.

As a graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Environmental Studies, Madison has a variety of interests which meet at the intersection of social and environmental impact. She aims to develop IMPACT as a unique and rewarding space where volunteers, businesses, and nonprofits can come together to #fuelgood.

A Bay Area native, Madison is directly involved with several local nonprofits. She currently serves as a board member of Scholar Wine, a nonprofit which focuses on raising money to provide educational opportunities to exceptional students from adverse backgrounds.

In her free time, Madison enjoys being in and giving back to nature, backpacking, hiking, and traveling to new and unusual places.

Kate Johnson

Head of Copy and Design

Kate Johnson is a skilled marketing and design aficionado. At Ah-Ha Marketing she is responsible for overseeing many of our virtual team projects.

She leverages her 15 years of experience spanning multiple industries, as diversified as: accounting (Leap the Pond), security (NTT Com Security), software (Varatys, a Benjamin Moore Company), home décor (Mesa International), and publishing (New England Typographic Services).

She is a content chameleon and brings the best practices of those organizations and a forward-thinking marketing approach to her clients. What distinguishes Kate from others in her field is a blend of design, marketing, technology know-how, project management, and the sheer determination to get the job done right.

Kate has an MBA in Marketing from Keller Graduate School of Management and a BA in Graphic Design from Colby-Sawyer College.

Kate loves her family, coffee, and wine…in that order. Unless it’s been a tough day.

Sophia Latorre-Zengierski

Head of Partnerships

Sophia Latorre-Zengierski is a creative writer, published poet and marketer with a passion for connecting people and causes.

A graduate of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, Sophia holds an MA (hons) in English Literature. Her specialty is medieval poetry.

Upon her return to New York, Sophia pursued a successful career in publishing at Bedford/St. Martin’s, an imprint of Macmillan Learning, in sales, editorial and marketing capacities.

During this time, she worked closely in marketing and fundraising roles with a variety of nonprofits including A Plastic Ocean Foundation, Sea Shepherd and A Leg to Stand On. Currently, she is Vice President of the University of St Andrews Alumni Club of New York, and was the very first Young Alumni Trustee on the University of St Andrews American Foundation.

In her spare time, Sophia is attempting to write a novel. She enjoys horse riding and Irish dance.

Lisa Rey

Content Contributor

Lisa is a Content Contributor for Ah-Ha Marketing's social impact initiative Ah-Ha Impact. She is responsible for supporting and contributing to all aspects of growth within Impact, as well as the initiatives of our Nonprofit Partners.

Lisa is a graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Environmental Studies. Her studies focused on the intersectionality of social and environmental issues, and environmental philosophy and ethics. She is excited to be building upon these skills through her journey with Ah-Ha Impact. Lisa works with our nonprofit Partners to discover effective growth methods to help strengthen their impact.

She specializes in producing written content for external marketing and outreach purposes, as well as to aid organized communication internally. Lisa dreams of establishing a career as a writer, to use her creative communication skills to advocate for environmental and social topics through thoughtful and eloquent discourse.

Lisa also enjoys using her creative talents in various artistic pursuits such as painting, design, poetry, and writing. She finds inspiration through the visual beauty of nature, as well as from thought-provoking and uplifting messages found in the world around us, especially in music.

Her California upbringing nurtured an appreciation and respect for the many diverse ecosystems and ways of life co-inhabiting our planet. She is currently getting to know her new home of San Luis Obispo with her best pal, a German Shepherd Dog names Heidi.

Lincoln Liechti

Content Contributor

Lincoln Liechti is a Content Contributor for Ah-Ha Marketing's social impact initiative Ah-Ha Impact. He is leverages his previous startup experience and creativity to help drive results for the company.

Lincoln transferred with honors to The University of California, Santa Barbara and spent the 2017-2018 academic year abroad in Japan. As a rising senior, he will be graduating June 2019 earning a BA in Communication with a minor in Art and a certificate in the Technology Management Program.

A Santa Barbara local, Lincoln has a strong passion for entrepreneurship. He has participated in various technology startups, working in a variety of roles ranging from finance to marketing.
Outside of business he pursues his passion for art via local gallery showings and commissioned works.

For downtime, Lincoln enjoys volunteering, cooking, going to the gym, drawing, video games/movies, hiking, and traveling/trying new foods.