Are you putting too many eggs in the social media basket?

Social media is great, but email marketing is better. In this post, we cut through the hype. Email marketing is still the most effective way to reach your audience.

You may be thinking that I’m nuts. Everyone is going social. You hear about it every day. You want to go social, too. Getting paid to play on social media is awesome. Meanwhile, email marketing is so 2015. Planning out and sending emails is a royal pain. It’s time consuming and difficult to keep a subscriber list up to date. There are privacy laws to be followed. There is the painstaking process of crafting a customer journey. Then, you must develop and test the workflows to drive customers to purchase. It’s just so much harder than social media. Why should you do all that work? Here are four shockingly good reasons:

Opted-In Email Subscribers Are Valuable:

The people on this list are so interested in you that they have given you permission to contact them. There is immense value in owning an opted in subscriber base.

Email Marketing is Effective:

In fact, it’s 40X more effective at attracting customers than social media. The average click to open rate for email is 14% and the average click through rate on a Facebook ad is 2.32%.

Your Customer Journey Depends On It: 

There are certain types of communications that require email.  With email, you can communicate with each customer in a personalized way. From welcome letters to product updates, email lets you personalize the message for each customer.

You’re in Control:

Social media is great for building community and driving interactions. But, you can’t fully control the message. Email marketing allows you to get your messages in your voice to your customer, when you need to.

You Own Your List:

What happens when social media channels experience an outage like Twitter had earlier this morning? For over two hours today, I was unable to access Twitter, or my followers. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to have my ability to contact my subscribers interrupted every time a social media site has a problem. I own my email list and I can access it any time. Even when Twitter is down.

In Conclusion:

Don’t get me wrong, social media has a place in my marketing strategy. I’m a huge advocate of building online community and leveraging the power of social proof. But I believe in the basics. Email marketing continues to have a big place in my strategy. I will not be giving up my ability of control when I communicate with my customers any time soon – and neither should you.

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