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The Content Marketing Metrics That Matter

Implementing a content marketing program is a sizable investment in terms of money and resources. Content marketing programs tend to be high profile. Everyone in the organization is anxious to generate results. It is critical to set and manage expectations accordingly. There are many content marketing metrics that you could track. But it’s important to avoid the trap of focusing on vanity metrics like the number of followers we have on social media. It’s exciting to see these numbers trending in a positive way.  But in reality, the number of Instagram followers you have has no bearing on how many new customers you will bring in the door this quarter.


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Life’s Too Short for Bad Hair Marketing

You have a brilliant idea and you need to get it out there. You know that if you can just get in front of the right people, the Ah-Ha moment will happen. That epiphany where your buyer knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re the one…that you have the answer to their biggest, hairiest problem. But, there is so much you want to tell your customer. You just don’t know where to start.  What will get their attention?
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Sales Meetings That Deliver Results

Don’t just hold a sales meeting because it’s the thing to do.

In this post, I’m going to share some ways to make these meetings effective.  Also, you’ll learn how to turn a sales meeting into a revenue generating event.

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How to Plan a Trade Show Without Breaking the Budget

This is the story of how I outsmarted my competition at a major trade show without out-spending them.

Attending a trade show can be a highly effective tactic.  But it can also be expensive and resource draining. Startups and small companies often find that their entire budget was consumed by one trade show – and they have nothing to show for it. This post will share highly effective strategies for maximizing trade show budgets.

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Bad Thought Leadership is Killing Your Results

True “thought leadership” should teach the recipient something new about their business and provide a compelling reason to change their behavior. When properly executed, thought leadership marketing is a powerful part of a content marketing strategy. Sadly, many marketers aren’t using it correctly.

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