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How to Use Marketing to Build Long-Term Business Sustainability

Many businesses are built and developed around an ability to produce and deliver a product or service to a particular customer with a specific need. Initially, the business enjoys great successes as their offering is aligned with a customer’s need. This early success can lull a business into a false sense of security – but, often, the underlying reason or reasons for success are not what the business thinks they are. But, since revenue is flowing and the business is making money, no one is too concerned for the future. Instead of a play to win mentality, many businesses work hard to defend their position with customers – often at the expense of a long-term strategy for sustainability and competitive advantage. Continue reading

Sales Meetings That Deliver Results

Don’t just hold a sales meeting because it’s the thing to do.

In this post, I’m going to share some ways to make these meetings effective.  Also, you’ll learn how to turn a sales meeting into a revenue generating event.

Continue reading

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