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Ah-Ha is a marketing agency focused on bringing emerging technologies to market. We help you focus on actions that accelerate your business. You have this one opportunity to rise above the noise in a crowded market. You need a marketing partner with the experience and drive to deliver measurable results.

Nothing Worth Doing Comes Easy


Cybersecurity startups that received funding in 2018.


The number of business emails a person receives daily.


The percentage of startups that fail within the first four years.

Are You Ready to Rise Above the Noise?

Ah-Ha is here with proven and realistic marketing that has already helped startups just like you break through.


Accelerate your Business

Your opportunity is now. As a startup, every day counts. Every decision is critical. With so much hype about marketing, how can you be sure you’re doing the things that will yield the biggest impact on the metrics that matter? Do you know which metrics matter the most?  Ah-Ha brings years of experience executing early tactical programs while building a solid, strategic foundation to propel your business into accelerated success. Now is the time to make smart decisions to fuel your ongoing growth.


A Proven Approach to Startup Maturity

Startups are about momentum and acceleration. Built on years of experience launching new services and technologies across the globe, Ah-Ha’s startup maturity model is a proven and achievable roadmap that helps you make smart decisions about the steps you need to take, to achieve the goals you’ve set for your business. With a clear plan and no distractions, we flawlessly guide your organization through the maturity stages. Each program is individually curated to provide the support you need to build a strong and sustainable business. 


What Our Clients are Saying

“The Ah-Ha team is quick, responsive and creative. They anticipate and eliminate problems before they emerge, while working seamlessly across our virtual organization.”

Kurtis MinderCEO at Groupsense

“We are constantly impressed with the drive and attention to detail that our Ah-Ha Team brings to the table. They have driven our organization to improve in ways we have previously overlooked and have transformed our marketing.”

Colt ParsonsCEO at MRP Mobility

“Ah-Ha brings unparalleled subject matter expertise and context to our efforts. Their out of the box thinking and fanatical commitment to collaboration bring out the best in everyone on our team.”

Christine CampGlobal Strategy - Endpoint Division at Palo Alto Networks

“Ah-Ha works seamlessly to translate complicated technical material into sales-friendly content that drives sales engagement.”

Rich BoyerCISO at NTT Innovation Institute
Stage One: Pre-Launch

Have a Great Idea or Product Ready to Launch?

Are you unsure where to focus your limited resources? There is so much hype out there about how and where to launch, but your company can't afford to play around with the unknown. Whether you need us to build you a website or a launch plan, let Ah-Ha help you cut through the noise to make informed, strategic decisions.

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Stage Two: Revenue Acceleration

Drive Customer Adoption, Conversion and Retention

While it's easier to nourish your existing customers than attract and convert new ones, things can get complicated trying to manage each buyer journey. We've been through it before. Maybe you have some funding, no funding, or a whole lot, it still pays to be smart with your marketing dollars. Let us show you how to attract, convert, and retain customers driving them into happy loyalty loops—ultimately increasing revenue to allow your business to grow! Maybe you need to start thinking about how to expand or differentiate your products and services! How do you know what will work without solid data to reference? We've been through it before and can help you understand the right balance of marketing activities to drive profit.

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Stage Three: Brand & Market Projection

Why do companies drag their feet when it comes to Scaling Marketing?

So people know your brand, you've got some traction in the market but you're not sure where to drive next? Maybe you're unsure of how to scale up your revenue footprint or you're considering adding partners to the mix to increase channel sales. Each day that you are not executing drags you further behind. At Ah-Ha Marketing, we believe that you need a plan to be successful. We also believe that over-planning and analysis-paralysis are key factors in the failure of many marketing programs. Let's work together to built a flexible and practical approach to help you achieve maximum efficiency.

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